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You ever have that one friend that gets along with everybody and has you dying of laughter every time you link up? Well, if not you need to get yourself a Jassine, one of our muses and our modern day Joan Clayton ( if you haven't watched the show Girlfriends, then your missing out) As our first feature for the Friends of the Brand Series, dive into the life of this native New Yorker and see how she styles the Jinco Jeans three different ways.

What is your favorite thing about William Okpo?

Hands down how Darlene and Lizzy are true to their own styles individually. I would imagine it's easy (especially for sisters) to fall into sharing similar style. But I love how they are so individually stylish on their own without compromise. I feel like they bring that duality to their label. There are pieces that are so Darlene's idea and others that Lizzy ride or dies for.

Describe your personal style

What's the opposite of doing the most + always making sure my butt looks nice in jeans? That. That's

Name the things you always have on?

Vintage denim about 90% of the time and my Indian gold tragus earring.

How would you style denim?

Preferably with Hanes 3 in a pack boys tees.


What was it like growing up in NYC?

I couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else. I feel like it exposed me to so much so early. I grew up in Astoria Queens, but by the time I was 16 with a free student metrocard I would take the train to pretty much anywhere after school. I would shop in Soho (back when it actually had independent stores and didn't resemble a Long Island mall), I would go to Fordham Road in the Bronx for style inspo (even though I literally knew no one there. Still don't. lol).

I would get off at Utica Ave and take a dollar cab to Kings Plaza (to practice my strong "GETTING OFF!!!" voice), or hang out with my friends at the colosseum on Jamaica Ave to look at questionable "are those real??" exclusive sneakers. I was all over the place. Now as an adult when I hear people complain about how small NYC is, I think no, your world in NYC is small. For me, its always been a place of constant change and inspiration, you just have to take advantage of that unlimited metrocard.

What was the best phase in your life?

My hot pink guess jean phase in the 3rd grade. I loved them so much that I wore them every other day. That's when my sister broke down the cardinal NYC public school fashion rule of not wearing a single item of clothing more than once in a week. But every Monday those hot pink guess jeans got their shine.

Is what you're doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

I never had a "career dream" as a kid. I did have a "lifestyle dream" since super young. And yeah pretty I much live the life I always dreamed about.

Talk to us about your career path

I only had one thing I wouldn't budge on when I graduated college and it was that I wanted to work in media and entertainment with creatives I respected. I started working at HOT 97 as an intern and every relationship I've made from there took me to where I am now. I've honestly let the wind blow me. I used to say that as a joke, but then I realized I'm always open to new opportunities that pretty much fall in my lap. From working in media behind the scenes to working with singers and artists directly, every career change or new opportunity came about naturally. Currently I work at Milk and my career path has surrounded me with amazing creatives and artists that I've learned invaluable lessons from and constantly inspire me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Wherever I'm meant to be. I focus on the now. And in 10 years I'll focus on that then.

Do you have a 2017 mantra?

Let people live. For real, anytime I catch myself about to judge someone I think to myself you have to allow people to do what satisfies them. You have to let people live. Things that used to annoy me, now only make me smirk. Loud on the train? Let people live. Doing the most for the Internets? Let people live. Replying all to mass emails. LET. PEOPLE. LIVE. Let people live in a way that makes them happy. And the same goes for yourself.

What are you most thankful for?

My mom's honesty.


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